VPX 12专业世界杯投注哪里买
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VPX 12 loudspeaker system is suitable for near field Main PA reinforcement without subwoofer, portable System or permanent installation, monitor on stages, and Delay fill. Suitable in spaces like: -FoH -Multi-functional room -Auditorium and Theater -Nightclub -Pub -Bar -Commercial announcements

Real 400W RMS power capacity (8 hours pink noise)
Natural sound and incredible holographic reproduction
Optimized for smooth frequency response in and out axis
Premium custom made European Drivers
Proprietary 80º×50º symmetric horn
Heavy braced birch plywood cabinet
Touring grade soft touch gloss-free black painting

Power Capacity (50—15000Hz pink noise 8 hours): 400W RMS/800W Program
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency response (-6dB half space, no EQ):  45-21000Hz
Manufacturing Consistency tolerance:  ±1.5dB from 300 to 1000Hz
Average Sensitivity:  97dB/W/m (wideband 200-16000Hz)
Calculated Maximum (SPL/1m):  123dB continuous / 126dB Program
Nominal Directivity:  80º×50º above 1500Hz
Recommended low cut filer:  45Hz 24dB/oct in full range mode
             80-120Hz with subwoofer
Low Frequency driver:   Custom made 12″ European drivers
                                      Ferrite magnet, 3″ In/Out Voice coil
High Frequency driver:   Custom made 1″ exit European drivers
                                       Ferrite magnet, 1.7″ Voice coil, 300℃ Polymere diaphragm
Crossover:   Passive mode only
                   1800Hz, 12dB/oct on LF, 18dB/oct on HF with T-Comp type 2 HF protection
Flying hardware:   13 M8 points
Connecters:   2×NEUTRIK Speakon® NL 4MP(1+/1-Link, 2+/2-Input & Link)
Floor Monitor use:   Yes, 2 angles
Pole mount:   35mm dual pot (0 and 10 degrees angles)
Cabinet:   CNC made with tongue and grove assembly
                15mm birch plywood
Finish:   Touring grade textured black mat coating
Size:   356×370×620mm
Weight:   24kg net, 28kg gross