SUB 118专业世界杯投注哪里买
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SUB 118 subwoofer is suitable for bass reinforcement for Main PA systems, touring or permanent installations for Small to large stages, indoor or outdoor live performances, Suitable in spaces like: -Stadium and arena -Multi-functional room -Auditorium and Theater -Night club -Bar -High-end Karaoke room

Real 1300W RMS power capacity (8 hours pink noise)
Clean and deep reproduction
Premium custom custom made European Driver
Impressive 66mm peak-peak excursion capacity
Heavy braced, vibration free birch plywood painting

Power Capacity(35-350Hz pink noise 8 hours):  1300W RMS /3200W Program
Nominal impedance:  8 ohms
Frequency response(-6dB half space, no EQ):  35-800Hz
Average Sensitivity:  96dB/W/m (40-150HZ)
Calculated Maximum (SPL / 1m):  129dB continuous/ 132dB Program
Nominal Directivity (-6dB):  Omidirectional in usable range
Recommended low cut filter:  28Hz 24dB/oct
Low Frequency driver:  Custom made 18″ European driver
                                     Ferrite magnet, 4,5″ Voice coil, 66mm peak-peak excursion capacity
Crossover:  NO, only use in active mode with external extermal electronic crossover
Flying hardware:  No
Connectors:  2×NEUTRIK Speakon® NL4MP(1+/1- Input & Link, 2+/2-Link)
Pole mount:  20mm thread top hat
Cabinet:  CNC made with tongue and grove assembly
               All made with 18mm birch plywood
Finish:  Touring grade textured black mat coating
Size:  590×690×750mm
Weight:  49kg net, 55kg gross