KV 12专业世界杯投注哪里买
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KV 12 loudspeaker system is suitable for near field main PA renforcement with or without subwoofer,fortablesystem or permanent installation,monitor in small stages,and delay fill Suitable in spaces like: -FoH -Multi-functional room -Auditorium and Theater -Pub -Bar -Commercial announcements

Real 300W RMS power capacity(8hours pink noise).Natural sound and incredible holographic reproduction.Optimized for smooth frequency response in and out axis.Premium custom made European Drivers.Proprietary 80º×50º symmetric horn.Heavy braced birch plywood cabinet.Touring grade soft touch gloss-free black painting


Power Capacity(5015000Hz pink noise 8 hours): 300WRMS/600W Program

Nominal impedance:  8 Ohm

Frequency response(-6dB half space,no EQ):  55-18000Hz

Manufacturing Consistency tolerance:  ±1.5dB from 300 to 10000Hz

Calculated Maximum(SPL / 1m):  121dB continuous / 124dB Program

Nominal Directivity (-6dB):  80º×50º above 1200Hz

Recommended low cut filter:  50Hz 24dB/oct in full rang mode

                                  80-120Hz with subwoofer

Low Frequency driver:   Custom made 12European drivers

                                            Ferrite magnet, 2.5In/Out Voice coil

High Frequency driver:   Custom made 1exit European driver

                                             Ferrite magnet, 1.7Voice coil, 300 Polymere diaphragm

Crossover:   Passive mode only

                      1800Hz, 12dB/oct on LF, 18dB/oct on HF with T-Comp type 2 HF protection

Flying hardware:   8 M8 points

Pole mount:   35mm top hat

Cabinet:   CNC made with tongue and grove assembly

                  15mm birch plywood

Finish:   Touring grade textured black mat coating

Size:   350×345×620mm

Weight:   19kg net, 24kg gross